A Prince x Aaliyah Collaboration’s Happened, Thanks to dvsn

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And obviously, the result is a “one in a million”


Doo-Wop You Want: Post Modern Jukebox’s Clever Covers

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I don’t know if my toe’s been a-tapping due to a deep-seated love of swing, blues and doo-wop, but I do know where my current music obsession lies: Online, specifically where Scott Bradlee’s posting his band’s music on Youtube.

With covers galore and dripping with nostalgia and ‘Somebody Sign Me Now’-ness, Post Modern Jukebox are just… genius. And way more clever than penning tunes and then wiping a foam finger all over its performance, these guys and one girl are tastefully togging up in vintage, gently jiving in front of a ribbon mic and having us swoon round our computer screens.


Thinking “what would Nicki Minaj do for money during the 40s”? Well, if 1940s Nicki were into music, the band have imagined she’d sound like this. And yes, that’s a link to a cover of Justin Beiber and Nicki Minaj’s “Beauty and a Beat”. #Wow.

The group – formed in New York by 31 year old pianist Bradlee – is usually fronted by the vocals of Robyn Adele Anderson who, depending on the cover, will rap as fast as Macklemore, sing in Korean like Psy or draw out a perfectly velvety note in a drawl akin to the late Amy Winehouse. All this plus a live band and beautiful backing vocals (and sometimes, there’s dancing) for free, via the ScottBradleeLovesYa channel on t’choob.

The sudden recent surge to PMJ’s space on the internet is due to this gorgeous doo-wop rendition of Miley Cyrus’ record-breaker “We Can’t Stop”, which has helped the group reach second place in Amazon’s top MP3 downloads list (tunes people are paying for )  – a track that’s sure to help sell their new EP Introducing Postmodern Jukebox , which landed No. 9 on the Billboard jazz album chart.

In a recent Good Morning America interview, Scott Bradley talks of how he “thought it would be really interesting to take some of the biggest hits of today, put them through a time machine and see what they would sound like back in the 50s or the 30s or the 20s.” As we’ve found out,  such time-machine treatment turns good songs into infectious toe-tappers, and a lot like the type of thing people would pay to have played at their wedding.  Even Nickleback – one of the bands PMJ have given the ragtime rinse to – agree, calling their  ‘motown tribute’ to  “How You Remind Me”, “Killer”. Other amazing tracks include Robin Thicke’s “Good Girl” and Pharell’s “Get Lucky” – a must hear if you haven’t already.


News for the band can be found through their blogsite, though I’m sure we’ll be seeing and reading all about them via the press, anyway. Till then, toes stay a-tapping and my fingers firmly crossed for a “Hit ‘Em Up” by Tupac cover, which really would be pretty spesh, wouldn’t it?

Miley & Her Bangerz: Getting It Right, Wrong & Out In Style

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So there I was, about ready to pen a positive piece on the taboo reinvention of Miley Cyrus – all ‘nah but’s and ‘to be fair’s set to pounce upon the page – when I happened upon the video for the star’s new track, “Wrecking Ball.”

#Blurgh. #Notsure …Have you seen it? If you have, then like me, you’ve seen Miley naked.

Socks: Are You(rs) Slacking? The ATLAS Sock by Ministry of Supply


Consider yourself the office hotshot? The best thing about your boardroom? Well no kidding, you’re about to be out-performed… By a sock – one with brains hailing from MIT, commitment to improving your foot’s comfort and performance levels unparalleled by any undergarment you’ve ever owned. Yep, bless your cotton socks – a whole drawer of which you’re about to make redundant – because the ATLAS is about to be the best in the business.

Fundawear: A “Durexperiment” in Getting Your Freak on From Afar


So Durex – World-renowned condom company that’s been pedalling protection for over 75 years – have just upped the anti for long-distance lovers with an app and a pair of vibrating pants.

New Faves: The Staves

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Working till stupid-o’clock has advantages. Up late on my laptop and with the TV amusing itself, I came across BBC 2’s something-am broadcast of a live performance from The Staves – effectively a girl band, but one that rocks more sugar than spice, a guitar or two, plus a specialty in the soft and serene.