Margaret Thatcher: “The lady’s not for turning.” Not even in Her Grave.


Off the back of World Voice Day and in the wake of, well… a wake, I was prompted to post something; use my best internet voice to say something on this prolific day: the day The Iron Lady is buried.

I can’t claim to know all the ins and outs of her reign in politics, or how it has affected the current climate for the better or worse. Being only three when she ended her run as Britain’s first female Prime Minister, I can’t comment much on her milk-snatching, mine-stopping and industrialising ways. In fact, I can’t even claim to be as interested as I know I should be, in politics in general. But, as I heard the news of Margaret Thatcher’s passing last week, knowing that her name and reign is so important to British history – to my history, therefore – I felt sad (strangely) and channelled a weird sort of respect in the direction of my TV.