Shirts: Forget ‘S, M & L’ – Stantt say “There’s a better way.”


Fit, fellas – are you? As in fitting inside your clothes? Because according to figures (that’s data – not just beach bodies), most men buying casual clothes labelled S, M or L, aren’t. In fact, the fashion industry’s expectation that everyone should simply slot into one of few size options has proved to be more than slightly optimistic, with only 15% of people finding they fit properly – the other 85% either mangling their limbs into something that is supposed to resemble a well-fitting shirt, polo top or tee, or drowning swathes of fabric. But, for those of you whose sh!t don’t fit, “there is a better way”, say Stantt – and it doesn’t involve a diet, surgical procedure, nudity or mass of expense.


Socks: Are You(rs) Slacking? The ATLAS Sock by Ministry of Supply


Consider yourself the office hotshot? The best thing about your boardroom? Well no kidding, you’re about to be out-performed… By a sock – one with brains hailing from MIT, commitment to improving your foot’s comfort and performance levels unparalleled by any undergarment you’ve ever owned. Yep, bless your cotton socks – a whole drawer of which you’re about to make redundant – because the ATLAS is about to be the best in the business.