A Prince x Aaliyah Collaboration’s Happened, Thanks to dvsn

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And obviously, the result is a “one in a million”


Fundawear: A “Durexperiment” in Getting Your Freak on From Afar


So Durex – World-renowned condom company that’s been pedalling protection for over 75 years – have just upped the anti for long-distance lovers with an app and a pair of vibrating pants.

Life Begins at 20?! …Flippin’ ELLE, I’d Better Get a Move On


You know your attention’s been stolen when you’re bed, work or boy bound and still wrestling to get it back. Mine, recently tangled in a string of words written in ELLE’s April ’13 issue, is definitely in a hostage situation – my applause directed to the genius who snuck up and took it from my Monday night mag read/nail art session, held with the TV on. Said words read as follows: ‘…dump that guy. Quit your job. Move cities… and do it NOW’ – the opening to Dr Meg Jay’s poignant, prompting and almost panic-inducing piece on Why Life Begins at 20. Read it to your motivational-slump’s peril.