A Prince x Aaliyah Collaboration’s Happened, Thanks to dvsn

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And obviously, the result is a “one in a million”

But then what else to expect from a remix involving two icons and two highly significant tracks – Aaliyah’s ’96 slow belly-roller “One in a Million” and Prince’s title track “Purple Rain”, from the movie of the same name.

The brain behind this re-imagined set of waves belongs to Drake’s most elusive and left-venturing r’n’b signing, dvsn – a duo made up of a vocalist and a producer, who have just dropped their debut album, Sept 5th.

aaliyah-one-in-a-million-dvsn-remix-mp3-715x715Laying Aaliyah’s vocal over Prince’s famed electric riff (as well as adding some smooth ad-libs by singer Daniel Daley), dvsn has just made the dream we didn’t even know we had, come true – and it’s right up there with a resurrection of both the late Baby Girl and that of those romantic rock’n’soul vibes we almost thought we couldn’t bring back.

The tune surfaced last week as part of a guest mix on OVO Sound Radio, where another genius moment included a remix of Marvin Gaye’s  “Let’s Get it On”.

But have a listen to that Aaliyah x Prince here below, and tell me you don’t have the same really good feeling about what dvsn’s doing.

Got ideas for your own dream remix? Tell me which two iconic tracks you love hear work out as well as these did, in the comments box below.

Also, check out my April “Make Moves” Playlist here.

Video & image source: Youtube.com/Applemusic, Saintheron.com


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