April Playlist: Let’s Make Moves

Music, The Monthly Playlist


Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

Following Easter at the very end of March and its story of ‘new beginnings’, April – also the official first month of Spring – seems to have everyone thinking about fresh starts.

Said start might be a new job, new love, new ‘do, new outlook, or just a new pair of shoes. But, so long as you’re progressing somehow, in a way that matters most to you, you’re making moves in the right direction.

On that note, here’s my playlist for this pivotal month, which nods to all the feels that come along with introspection, decision-making, and moving upward, onward or out. Hopefully it inspires you to “Slow Down”, “Get Money”, keep “Grindin'” or “Keep Keepin’ On”, “No Matter What People Say.”

But it really aint that deep – though of course, there’s a lot of my heart and soul in it (that’s old school ’90s-’00s jams), because everyone knows before you step ahead, there’s that tempting last look back.


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