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Following the Easter frenzy, the sun finally made an appearance, so I declared it socially acceptable to get my toes out. Ankles too, courtesy of some blue-blue jeans and those weird sort of shoes everyone will be into this season: mules.

Mine were a sale snatch from last year (these babies were literally £7.99), and I used my vintage, oversized Next jeans – folded at the hem – to show them off. Mules might be my new favourite thing for feet.


And about that hem, which yes, is all sorts of the year 2000 and not to everyone’s taste (I’m still adjusting), I’d seen it work for other people (editors on the Gram, mainly) and decided to give it a go… And while there’s mixed feels (“where’s my skinnies vs why haven’t I cut and frayed the hems of these jeans yet?”) I don’t hate it.

…But then I’m all for turn-of-the-millenium-type-styling, and wouldn’t be adverse to a one-shouldered top, either.

Since it wasn’t warm enough to do a shoulder-baring look, I decided to default back to a striped polo neck – all the covering up I needed, though it did get brisk enough to rethink wearing the mules till next month.

Jump Feet First With…


But what do you reckon to this outfit? Already got your toes/ankles out at the first sight of sun? Tell me your thoughts in the comments box below, plus leave your handles so I can find you on Insta.

Also, here’s a tune because why not.


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