Outfit: A Suede Situation

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Spring was supposed to have happened ‘officially’ at the beginning of this week, and though yeh, there was a bit of sun… I think somebody lied.

It’s not quite (cookie monster faux fur) coat weather, but I’d still throw on a jacket if I were you – this week’s favourite being my vintage men’s, suede and shearling one (thanks for the bargain, Beyond Retro), which I can chuck on with almost a n y t h i n g.

I did just that with a pair of high-waisted jeans, fellow suede knee high boots (both River Island) and a morbidly black polo neck (because I really don’t like being cold). Also, ’70s vibes till I die …Or till SS17, when we’re all over it.


I livened this look up via the lapel – and yes, badges and pins are a thing right now, and I had a few lying around (Rocket Vintage and Zara) so voila.

Join the Search for Spring With…


I admit it’s a pretty laid-back, suede-laden ensemble, but what do you think? Is this kind of casual something I’d catch you in? Or are you already wearing Spring’s stripes and stuff?

Please leave me some links to your latest outfit posts below, because I’m super nosy, basically.

Also, here’s one of my fave Tribe tracks ever, following the weekend’s sad news. Rest in peace and all that good stuff, Phife!


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