Vogue Says Kim K’ll Win CFDA’s ‘Fashion Icon’ Award – the Internet Says No, Backs Lil’ Kim

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*An article I wrote for SPICE TV’s site


We’re fast approaching this year’s CFDA Awards – the most prestigious fashion event by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, where stars like Rihanna are honoured for their contribution to our tastes and can rock up wearing a see-through gown to collect a deserving Fashion Icon Award.

And, though the CFDA will announce their designer nominees list today, it’s the honourees that matter most (well, to industry outsiders, anyway) and bets are on as to who would take this year’s top title: the aforementioned Fashion Icon Award previously given to stars like Pharrell Williams and Kate Moss (…and Johnny Depp, but since he famously didn’t bother to attend and collect his award that 2012 night, we’ll say no more.)


Kim in a sporty look from her husband ‘Ye’s Yeezy Season 1 collection

Adding interest to the affair, Vogue has penned a piece explaining why Kim Kardashian is the “only one contender” – notable because a. it’s Vogue’s opinion,  the mag long considered an authority on fashion, and because b. the internet has already rejected the very idea, saying that actually, rapper Lil Kim should wear the crown.


Ms Kimberly Jones (aka Lil Kim) in a signature, daring ensemble in the ’90s


Vogue’s article, written by fashion critic Nicole Phelps, explained in semi-depth about the influence Mrs Kardashian West has had on the industry, in particular her work as muse and supporter of Balmain, and the power she’s had over the planet (you yourself can testify to the amount of plunging bondage dresses in cream, black and nude tones you’ve seen from fast fashion outlets, and the number of girls you’ve seen sporting thigh high boots and strappy bodysuits since Kim came along).


A typical look from Mrs Kardashian-West, who always goes out sexy-chic – even when pregnant, as she is here in this pic

But in case anyone was wondering just how such a star could persuade the style of the masses via a few selfies and outfit pictures shared on Instagram, Time has named Kim one of the World’s Most Influential People Online, her followers amounting to 63 million+ and climbing.

But as soon as Vogue’s article was published (with a little disclaimer in there that it “is not an endorsement”), Twitter users were quick to kick back at the idea of Kanye’s wife walking up to the podium to collect her trophy – pointing out that Lil Kim is way more deserving of the nod, having rocked numerous rebellious yet stylish ensembles over her career, which began in the ’90s.

Lil Kim's famed MTV Music Video Awards outfit from the year '99

Lil Kim’s famed MTV Music Video Awards outfit from the year ’99

One user wrote;

“You people have lost your mind!”

– while another added of Ms Kardashian;

“…No she has no impact she always dress the same.”

Others tweeted visual reference as to why Lil Kim should win the award, using the hashtag #LilKimFashionIconAward;


Of course though, the Kardashian Klan’s most loyal followers bit back with their own montage of images, one fan tweeting;


We at SPICE feel with either star is deserving of the win – Lil Kim for her riske looks which had a certain je ne sais quoi that still intrigues now, and Kim K for her way with reinventing nude numerously.

But what you think – would a Kardashian taking the prize devalue the prestige of the awards in your opinion? What kind of star would you give the nod to?

Tell us who you think should win the ‘Fashion Icon Award’ at the 2016 CFDAs by tagging us in your thoughts online @SPICETVAFRICA – we want to know whether you think Kim Kardashian should win it, or if it should be Lil Kim or somebody else.


Image source: @KimKanyeKimYeFC, @LilKimBr, Huffingtonpost.com, Glamour.com, Dailymail.co.uk, Styleblazer.com, Hungertv.com, Dailymail.co.uk


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