The First Lady of the United States Collabs with Missy Elliot

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And the fact alone, is LIT.

But add the fact it’s a hiphop power anthem, made especially for girls? Bruh! Girlll, Michele Obama and her team is on fire

And let’s talk about that team, which for the track includes the aforementioned Ms Misdemeanor Elliot, plus Janelle Monáe, Zendaya, Kelly Rowland, Kelly Clarkson and Lea Michele – a super troupe that caters to every corner of girl power-ness (though unfortunately without including a Spice Girl, or any of the teen-loved US babes I’d have expected to find in that lineup – aka Beyonce, Nicki, Taylor Swift and Arianna Grande).


While “This is For My Girls” may be super radio-friendly (obviously), with its pop-fused hiphop beat, the point of it and its mere existence definitely kicks ass – the song made to empower women and raise awareness of the fact that a whopping 60million+ young females don’t have access to education. Yeh… you learn something new everyday. If you’re lucky.


The topic is one very close to The First Lady of the United States (affectionately/respectfully acronym-ed FLOTUS)’ heart, with Mrs Obama having founded the Let Girls Learn initiative along with Peace Corps, and having been working to increase the rats of young girls in schools worldwide, via extensive ‘geeing up’ of local communities.


But this is by far the most G thang FLOTUS has ever done (since that time she rapped about going to college with Jay Pharoah…), with Missy E’s verse beginning with the line “remember when Tupac told us to keep our heads up” and the entire squad pulling a total Beyonce by surprise-releasing the track last night.


Admittedly the overall vibe is a little too Disney to really get down to, but do you remember the last time the US President’s wife collaborated with a rapper? Do you remember another time a First Lady got a super squad together to break the internet? Didn’t think so. So you’ll agree, this is pretty special.

Have a listen to a snippet of “This is For My Girls” here below and then let’s talk again when there’s a music video to behold.


Meanwhile, you can download the beat for $1.29 here, and I would love to know what you think of FLOTUS’ collaboration with Missy Elliot, Janelle Monáe, Zendaya, Kelly Rowland, Kelly Clarkson, Jadagrace and Lea Michele in the comments box below.

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