Outfit: Whatever, Wednesday

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The week will not defeat me with the contagious chill that is mid-March in the UK. And by contagious, I’m referring the ‘catchy’ little idea I’ve been having about “chilling at home”, or “chilling in bed”, hibernating until I can see something that looks more like Summer outside my window.

But then there’s those things called Life and Responsibilities, so I’ve been throwing on this mega fluffy coat from Next (a Jan sales snatch) and stepping out feeling all kinds of warm… Fuzzy also.

As well as fending off minus degree situations, the coat works nicely with my grey velvet boots (by Zara), which I’m always excited to wear. But instead of doing ’70s-inspired ensembles to death, like I have been, I went left and added a slogan sweatshirt (this one’s an oldie from H&M that channels my Wedsnesday mood) and some high waisted jeans from Asos. With a skinny jean and skinny scarf, it could’ve been a whole other thing.

Do Stuff In…


Anyway, this is how I’ve managed to handle the week so far (last week was fun, FYI – have a look at what I got up to here) – but I’d love to know what you think to my blue fur-velvet combo, so please leave me comments!

Also, below is tuuune. Enjoy it or whatever.


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