Outfit: Loose Fits, Leather & Legs Out

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March marks the turn of the season (uh, buh-bye, Winter) and that basically means it’s Spring and everyone should start getting their legs out. Never mind the fact it’s still freezing and people will definetly wonder what TF you think you’re doing.

You can combat the chill with a pair of suede knee high boots (mine are River Island from a few seasons ago) and an oversized hoodie, a jumper dress or (on slightly warmer days, else it’s your pneumonia-fuelled funeral) a shirt dress, which will reduce the level of skin on show to a sliver, circa the thigh.

Just add a coat or jacket of your choice (because, you know. It be brisk out) and be ready to fend off any concerned looks with a breezy smile, because the key to cool is looking comfortable in your clothes – especially when it’s cold out and you don’t get to full realisation of the fact until you are like, wayy down the street and it’s too late to go back and change.




But what do you think? Scale of 1 to 10, how much could you tell it was like 10 degrees out when I shot this? And is it at least a semi-passable look for walking from Winter to Spring?

Tell me what you think in the comments box below or hit me up on Insta @Riledbystyle. Meanwhile I’ll be turning up to the Mash Out Posse vid below.


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