5 Men’s Trends for SS16 from Lagos Fashion & Design Week

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*An article written for & published on SPICE TV‘s website

All caught up with the showcases at the 2015 Lagos Fashion & Design Week? Well, if you too are inspired by all things ‘Man’ this month like we are, you might be interested in taking another, closer look and deciphering the menswear trends the event revealed.

Just see the biggest ones here below and then get building them into your wardrobe before next season arrives.



Did you see all that skin on show at the Federal Palace Hotel? We mean, wow – sheer is certainly going to be a thing next season, and the one to be seen in as Spring/Summer arrives.

From T.I Nathan’s sheer shirts (some in cool fishnet-style mesh), to Orange Culture’s double-breasted sheer jacket and Maxivive’s perspex tee, it seems seeing through one’s top layer is officially the way to be seen next season.



Hot off of the back of the sheer trend, is one that scraps shirts altogether – the ‘let’s not even wear a shirt’ trend that Team SPICE look forward to watching guys trying out.

As seen on the ramp at Deji, Red Knight, Laurence Airline, T.I Nathan and Orange Culture’s showcases, the look is pretty simple to achieve. Just throw on your jacket or blazer without anything underneath, or pull on a shirt and leave it open at the buttons.

Pretty please and thank you.



According to Orange Culture, Onwuchewkwa, Laurence Airline, McMeka, Deji and Mai Atafo, another way to wear your wardrobe is by grouping garments in one single colour – the one colour, colour-block which never fails to make a statement.

Whether you go for smart black, white or midway with gray, or punch out of the crowd in crayola brights a la the look at McMeka, you really can’t go wrong with this trend so long as you wear it with confidence.



The humble jacket in all its guises (blazer, overcoat, bomber, cardi-styles) has been overhauled too – at least, made longer for a more dramatic look.

Just like models at Onwuchewkwa, Sisiano, Kenneth Ize, Maxivive, Kelechi Odu and T.I Nathan, make sure your last layer falls anywhere from just above the knee to the back of calves – or further still, licking the backs of ankles.



And of course, trad took its rightful twirl down catwalks too, with designers fusing traditional styles with modern finishes, as seen at Josh Samuels, Orange Culture and Maxivive.

How timeless do these pieces look though? Best dust off your dashiki and get repping in yours.

Alternatively, tell us which menswear trends from Lagos Fashion & Design Week you’ll be rocking for Spring/Summer’16, by tagging us in your thoughts online using @SPICETVAFRICA.

Image source: Lagosfashiondesignweek.com



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