Outfit: Double Denim (Part3)

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IMG_0273 IMG_0371




IMG_0372 IMG_0375 IMG_0385 IMG_0411






So denim often gets dumped into “that’s too casual” category and pretty much winced at when worn to meetings, to work (in certain offices, anyway), Barmitzvas and the like, but thanks to this year’s o b s e s s i o n with denim, there’s been a way to wear it and still look like you’ve made an effort – especially this Autumn season, where retro vibes are rife and just willing you to give it a go.

Trying to pull off a dressy double denim look though? I’ll admit, it was a little tricky, but since the trend hasn’t just been about frayed edges and dungarees, there are a few cool pieces out there to mix and match, meaning you can’t not find something to suit your body type, age and/or whatever event you were hoping to rock up to.

I did this double up during a recent brunch meeting, by throwing together a high-necked shift dress and denim wrap trench, paired with a box clutch (keeping that ’60s nod from the dress alight) and pointed courts.



The result I reckon feels way less casual than the other double denim ensembles I tried here and here, but what do you think?

Does my attempt at grown up, got-my-shit-together denim on denim feel super casual to you? Or you think I’ll be alright rocking this somewhere slightly important?

Let me know – you might just save me from trying this outfit again and horrifying my colleagues…


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