Outfit: Double Denim (Part2)

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Shirt, Vintage| Jeans, Asos| Heels, Zara| Clutch, Next| Earrings, H&M| Cuff, Topshop


Shirt, Vintage | Jeans, Asos| Heels, Zara | Clutch, Next | Earrings, H&M | Cuff, Topshop

So here’s another attempt at doing the double (see the first, here).

It’s not quite Britney and JT-inspired but I did sort of defy the rule that says denim’s worn best in two shades, and instead wore two pieces in a similar, typical sort of light denim, and just about veered left of all things “yee-ha!”

I *think* what helped me was the choice of shoe and the accessories – the simple, two-part heels and leopard print clutch kinda removing the retro feel that matchy-matchy denim tends to have, and the yellow and gold tones in the bag and earrings bringing a slightly more Autumnal feel as opposed to the Summer-y vibe light denim usually conjures..

…At least I guess that’s why no one made any reference to the 2000s music video scene or the ’80s when I wore this on my lunch date.



I happened to be out when the sun was, during the ‘Indian Summer’ we’re meant to be experiencing, but a neutral-coloured coat or jacket should save you from the cold if needs be – just don’t get cocky and try a denim jacket on top…😵🙅😷 #OverKill

Would you rock it like I did though? Holla with your thoughts on the look or if you have a better way to double up on denim.


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