Miley & Her Bangerz: Getting It Right, Wrong & Out In Style

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So there I was, about ready to pen a positive piece on the taboo reinvention of Miley Cyrus – all ‘nah but’s and ‘to be fair’s set to pounce upon the page – when I happened upon the video for the star’s new track, “Wrecking Ball.”

#Blurgh. #Notsure …Have you seen it? If you have, then like me, you’ve seen Miley naked.


Before I saw the star and her ta-tas in this particular video, I was definitely of the “G’wan girl!” persuasion – my positivity for Cyrus’ style upgrade amassed by the courage (amongst the other things) she showed at the VMAs and the much healthier fashion choices displayed in her video for “We Can’t Stop”, which I actually happen to love. (Inhale). A quick scan of the internet will tell you that most of the world and their cats do not share this affection, with the majority of non-Miley fans tagging her style #indecent, #irresponsible, #inappropriate and just plain awful.

But my personal taste and interest in media, marketing and PR had imagined me in the position of being on Miley’s team – trying to rebrand all that Disney with a bit of dicking about and what I would call a decent amount of well-informed style decisions, even if they aren’t ones easily digested by the non-blogging tweens (or their parents) the star is trying to outgrow. On the board I suppose she assigned (and probably paid a lot of money) to help reinvent her, I think sat a few big pairs of balls – the biggest clearly belonging to Miley, who actually wore that skin-coloured pvc pair of knickers and dared to de-flower a man in his mid-thirties, in front of millions.


In the “We Can’t Stop” video, her bravery took her well away from the protective Walt Disney tower, its wardrobe of blonde wigs and winking, to a place that permits careless poolside piggybacks and the sort of bed-ridden writhing that might make Madonna proud (to say Miley stole from her). It was the styling that made this transition fun to watch, with little cause to alarm anyone who works in or appreciates fashion. And for me, Miley’s description of the video – a “Nylon shoot [that] came to life” – seems accurate.




“Anything I do becomes such a big deal. I’m just having fun. Whatever people label it as, it doesn’t really matter. I always want to switch it up.” – Miley Cyrus


Tiny white two-piece a-top porcelain skin and a platinum pixie crop? Mhm – I like. Mesh, mink and an amaaazing pair of shades? Cool. And I heart the teddy bear back pack she bore, as well as all the randomly associated shots that punctuated the 3mins and 30seconds of ‘I’m all grown now’-ness; the spaghetti spelt ‘twerk’, the ring of ultra-flossy stuffed fawns and the dude whose clearly missing out on the party to make his way through a lifetime supply of un-buttered slices of bread. It seems when Diane Martel met Miley’s stylist, a perfect match was made, as well as a kickass coming-of-age music video. Mood set and caught on camera.

But before launching the ‘Leaveralone’ crusade this post could have been about, the new video for track “Wrecking Ball” put a spanner in my working out what Miley’s team is trying to tell us about her brand via styling (or a lack there of).


It seems the video’s gurning sexuality and attempts to seduce an audience Miley’s age and older may have twerked a little too close to the edge of illogical, leaving little to anyone’s imagination and turning the mood that was a-tune to youth culture into something a little more difficult to watch – whether you’re a fan, a nun, fashion-workie or none of the above. From booty hopping party vibes, Miley’s bulldozed further into exhibitionist territory, where it’s got very difficult (very quickly) to determine how far is going to be too far in skin-showing stakes, and where the Miley brand will head next, if not straight to the pages of cheap tabloids.


Licking hammers? OK, but… why? And particularly perplexing is the part where it seems OK to be wearing flimsy, near-see-through underwear with brown, loose Doc Martins – an outfit I think combines for an exhibition of morals looser, still. True, I’d thought it fair to view her skimping about at the VMAs as a good (though cringe-y) performance in terms of being a one-off, message-sending, slate cleaner/reset button, which we can either choose to take with a pinch of salt (or sugar, if like me, you enjoy quirky fashion statements) or do as her PRs want and talk bad about it, and ultimately up her profile. But going bra-less and later, full on pants-less while riding heavy machinery just seems a tad needless – especially so soon after one’s butt cheeks were projectile-d upon people via prime time TV. Like, is there no one employed to tell her “Cool, they got it now: you’re all grown up – let’s stop here and keep it in your pants till they forget”?


Because while Miley is right to sing “Remember only God can judge ya,
 forget the haters cause somebody loves ya” (her Dad Billy Ray Cyrus certainly does, saying “It wouldn’t have mattered if Miley would have worn jeans and a flannel shirt … a Tux … or a nun’s habit. The song’s a smash … and her performance vocally on the tune reflects her roots and sheer God given talent”) it’s still difficult to watch her attempt to eat a hammer like an ice cream without feeling that what ever talent she claims to possess could be out-shined by her team’s talent for helping her to show too much of her body. In this case, the decision to reveal so much so soon, Miley says was to show emotions – “If people get past the point that I’m naked and actually look at me… if people can take their minds off the obvious and go into their imagination a little bit and see what the video really means and the way that it is so vulnerable… you can tell that I actually look more broken than even the song sounds.”


I must say I didn’t quite see her as broken in the video, but perhaps I didn’t use my imagination enough or was too focused on her very obvious nipples popping out from under her thin vest (She looked so cold I even shuddered).

For now, the only thing I can be sure is broken, is my opinion on the new Miley brand and its style reinvention, because while swinging from sartorial genius one minute (have you seen that painted denim jacket she stepped out in recently?) to being overly generous with nudity the next, it’s clear there’s still more of Miley to be seen. After all, she’ll definitely have her Bangerz out next month won’t she.



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