Shirts: Forget ‘S, M & L’ – Stantt say “There’s a better way.”


Fit, fellas – are you? As in fitting inside your clothes? Because according to figures (that’s data – not just beach bodies), most men buying casual clothes labelled S, M or L, aren’t. In fact, the fashion industry’s expectation that everyone should simply slot into one of few size options has proved to be more than slightly optimistic, with only 15% of people finding they fit properly – the other 85% either mangling their limbs into something that is supposed to resemble a well-fitting shirt, polo top or tee, or drowning swathes of fabric. But, for those of you whose sh!t don’t fit, “there is a better way”, say Stantt – and it doesn’t involve a diet, surgical procedure, nudity or mass of expense.

Yep, you can forget compromising with your clothes (restricted arm movement for perfect tucking-in length) and limiting, old-school sizing – because according to Stantt, “we can do better than S, M and L”. The start-up, founded by Matt Hornbuckle and Kirk Keel, and backed by 14 months of research and data collection, will supply you with a new set of sizes – over 50 of them, to be not quite exact.


A bit of 3d body scanning, maths and money from new investors (Stantt is currently calling for backers via a campaign on Kickstarter) form the brand’s better way to buy button downs, which involves a specifically designed algorithm to match you to your shirt size. Customers can simply send Stantt some simple stats – chest, waist and arm length – and then viola! Via post, a perfectly fitting shirt will arrive at your door; one that’s sculpted to your body’s shape rather than sat laughing at it as you try to dress.

And guys, you’ll be pleased to know Stantt’s custom fit shirts are not just clever, well-calculated creations, but beautifully finished things of finesse – right for wherever you plan to take your body on its first properly-dressed outing. So far, people seem to agree, with the brand having raised around half of their target goal of $60,000 within just a week – a feat due to interest in Stantt’s innovative, patent-pending DataFit™ technology, as well as faith in the founders’ combined 18 years of experience in marketing, brand development and supply chain, all accrued within several fortune 500 companies.



Light Blue_edited-final

When the team’s way forward for garment manufacture truly takes off (so far around 300 backers are certain it will), let’s hope some of you will remember where it all started. And, if you’ve got a body you want to fit – as in actually fit – into some clothes, Stantt’s hoping you can find the time and spare change to back their cause. You can either help the brand off to a great start here and put an end to S, M and L – or you can do nothing and continue complaining that “your sh!t don’t fit.” The choice (if you want over 50 of them) is yours.



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