Socks: Are You(rs) Slacking? The ATLAS Sock by Ministry of Supply


Consider yourself the office hotshot? The best thing about your boardroom? Well no kidding, you’re about to be out-performed… By a sock – one with brains hailing from MIT, commitment to improving your foot’s comfort and performance levels unparalleled by any undergarment you’ve ever owned. Yep, bless your cotton socks – a whole drawer of which you’re about to make redundant – because the ATLAS is about to be the best in the business.


Created by The Ministry of Supply – a brand founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers, designers and material scientists – the ATLAS sock is one intelligent upgrade on the standard dress sock. Think tech(and coffee)-infused underwear that banishes the everyday burden of bunching, overheating and stinking – promises backed by science and nearly 2000 investors.

“We believe that clothing should be an extension of your body, complimenting its form and function”


Against its common, cotton, slack-prone contenders, the ATLAS (available in 3 colours as a calf length, or in loafer style) boasts many perks, including carbonized coffee-filled fabric that ‘Brita filters’ foot odor, fibers that maintain moisture levels to keep feet dry, plus an impressive fit produced by a robotic knitting process (like 3D printing for socks) that allows the precise execution of its smart design.



Said design is pretty amazing in itself, being born of body mapping research that includes strain analysis, thermal imaging and pressure mapping for a deep understanding of how feet function – the result of which produced these padded, ventilated super socks that move as your feet do, while working to keep comfort, freshness and maintained durability.

To bring these high performing second skins to a sock drawer near you, Ministry of Supply have launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter with the hope of taking ATLAS from the labs to the next level – to ‘lynchpin of office-wear’ status, alongside the brand’s many other pieces of clever clothing: from breathable base layer ATMOS, to the APOLLO dress shirt (temperature regulating via use of NASA-developed Phase Change materials) and AERO suit trousers (with superior jet-inspired ventilation).

“We tire in the labs so that you may succeed in your own mission – whatever that may be”

And, with over $127,000 raised so far from over 1900 investors, it’s looking likely that the Boston-based team will succeed in taking ATLAS from sample state to state of the art leaders in tech-smart footwear – a move many of us will appreciate after any single day’s hard work. But for now, with 15 days left to pledge a donation, the brand will continue to ‘’tire in the lab so that you may succeed in your own mission’’ – which, if you’re smart about your socks, should be to invest in a pair of ATLAS’. The team at Ministry of Supply, or at least your feet, will thank you for it.

MoS logo


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