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*First ever video I shot & edited – made for the Milton Keynes team at Urban Decay in 2012


Snoopy In Style: The Rodnik Band X Peanuts

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So my Twitter trawl was slightly nostalgic today, with @BritishVogue kindly tweeting The Rodnik Band’s new collection with Peanuts – the famous funny page comic by Charles Schulz, which began with Charlie Brown and ended in 2000 after 17,897 published strips.

F Washing & Ironing: Wool & Prince & the 100 Day Shirt Challenge



Hate ironing? Detest detergent? Void of positive feelings for even the quickest of Dyson’s wash cycles? Ah. Well then this, my unhygienic office-bound friend, might be of interest: A shirt that can be worn for 100 days without needing to be washed or ironed. Tell your mum to go pack a bag.