Fundawear: A “Durexperiment” in Getting Your Freak on From Afar


So Durex – World-renowned condom company that’s been pedalling protection for over 75 years – have just upped the anti for long-distance lovers with an app and a pair of vibrating pants.

Yep, move over snap-chats, sexting and webcam naughtiness, because Fundawear is the new next best thing to actually being beside your partner, apparently, allowing couples to “Touch (each other) Over The Internet.”


Whether you’re living miles apart or just too lazy to come to bed, you can slip on a pair of Durex’ tech-smart his-and-her’s pants and the accompanying bra, download the associated haptic response app, et voila: activator-fuelled sex instead of actual sex – an act for people missing the perks of being near their beau, or for those who just won’t risk the real thing for fear of that bothersome after-deed cuddle.


Can’t have this?


Then have this.


And these.

Though it all sounds very romantic, unfortunately the underwear – designed by Billie Whitehouse alongside Durex Australia – is not yet available to buy and there’s no word yet on if or when it ever will be. But for those in need of a happy ending to this tale of internet-aided heavy petting, Durex is giving away free Fundawear sets from their Facebook page, so visit now for a chance to add some technological spice to your comparatively lonesome virtual sex life.

Billie Whitehouse on Designing for Durex:

The Tech Behind all the Long-Distance Touching You’ll Be Doing:


2 thoughts on “Fundawear: A “Durexperiment” in Getting Your Freak on From Afar

    1. Hi Emmanuel! Thanks for reading 🙂
      The Fundawear seems to still be off-market; Durex claims the project was an experiment but was (at the time of publish) running a campaign on Facebook to gage the interest in them.
      Not sure they ever will sell them though – I imagine there’d be a lot of technical things to perfect before deeming them 100% safe for use.
      Can you imagine the fall out from just one malfunction?

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