New Faves: The Staves

…More, …More, Music

Working till stupid-o’clock has advantages. Up late on my laptop and with the TV amusing itself, I came across BBC 2’s something-am broadcast of a live performance from The Staves – effectively a girl band, but one that rocks more sugar than spice, a guitar or two, plus a specialty in the soft and serene.

Better yet, the Atlantic-signed trio are sisters – ones hailing from Watford, UK – who seem to have an uncanny ability to not just get along, but also harmonise their voices so effortlessly that you’d think they were conjoined somewhere along the vocal chords. When they bicker, it must be beautiful.

Alluring, sweet and goddamn catchy, their new single ‘Facing West’ has been played over 200,000 times since its appearance on Youtube last month, and thanks to the BBC’s late night showcase, the slow-burner (from their debut album Dead & Born & Grown) is already on my summer playlist. A standout alongside Mos Def’s ‘Ms Fat Body‘ and Da Brat’s ‘Wha’chu Like’.

Here it is. Have a listen. You might like it.,dead-born-grown_4.htm


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